Creating a Pinwheel

Creating a Pinwheel




Pinwheels are always a fantastic way to show off your favourite papers and make a beautiful and inspirational addition to your craft room.. and they are so easy to make!
(we have also found beautiful & cute pinwheel blankets when we did research on this one, as well as satisfying our appetite for everything pinwheel.. here on Flickr)


Using the template below as a guide, simply find your perfect double sided paper and:

  • Make sure its square (any size will work for the effect)
  • Cut diagonally from its corners about 3 quarters of the way in
  • Punch out some small holes
  • Fold the corners in so the holes lie above one another in the right pattern and;
  • Release your creativity! Using a brad, push it through the holes and wrap its prongs around a thin stick, and the effect is complete!


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